Few things in life compare to a long summer and autumn, surfing your way around Europe. Four countries that are a must to go surfing in are France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Mandaka Hossegor

La Pointe Des Ancres.

Although these countries are all great for surf they don't really get cranking until May to September. First up is surfing in Morocco in May through to September, and then by September surf France, surf Spain and surf Portugal, that's when they are in their season and it's a great time to be travelling through these countries. Fiestas and carnivals are quite common and depending on your courage you could even try running with the bulls in Pamploma. If surf time is not a big issue start your trip early in the year and head inland in France and absorb the rich culture.

The best surf in France by far, is between Hossegor and the Spanish border. Unfortunately this area also has the most surfers in the water. As you head further north in France your will find that the continental shelf also gets wider and this means the waves lose some of their power 'cos its harder for it to push through. A couple of beaut islands in this area to surf are Ile de Re and Ile d'Oleron.

France can have everything from perfect 3-10 foot beach breaks to grinding 12 foot point breaks and should offer greater consistency towards the end of the year. One of the great things about France is that surfing equipment is easy to buy or hire. The wave quality is very satisfying for the experienced surfer however there are plenty of surf schools that cater to beginners. There are several camping grounds in the south of France which are located on the beach and are probably the best way to keep your budget in tact. They have on site caravans or you can pitch your tent.

Like France, Spain is another country rich in quality surf. You cannot drive through this country and call yourself a surfer if you fail to visit the famous sand-bottomed left hander known as Mundaka. Its not consistent but when its on, its on, and you will get the barrels of your life. Its also worth checking out the surf at Zarutz and Rodiles.

After Spain Portugal should be the next surf port of call. The further south you go in Europe the water gets warmer. The summer months in Portugal is simply a rash vest and boardshorts. Winter and you'll want the steamer that you were wearing in France in September and October.Check out Molho Leste, Pedra Blanca, Supertubos, Coxos and Ribeira D'Ilhas - and don't forget your booties. It picks up swells from north, west and south, making the waves very consistent. In winter the waves average around the 6ft, but can climb up to 15ft or more in under a day, making you scramble back to your tent, van or flat and grab the 7 footer. The surf in summer averages around 3-5ft.

After that head to Morocco to try Mehdia Plage, Dar Bouazza, Jack beach, La Pointe Des Ancres and Anchor Point near Agadir. Morroco fires in the winter months. Its point breaks are something to behold and mostly uncrowded. Security is a bit of concern so it's best to have a companion, also they can share the driving as you head down further south to find so many secret and even unsurfed spots.

Stay in a French timeshare in Europe while you're there and prepare for the months of surfing to come by indulging in your master bedroom's whirlpool tub and relaxing in the king sized bed. Timeshare resorts also offer awesome on-site bars and pools to enjoy while the top notch staff will be there to help you find any attraction in the area you want to visit. The best part about this form of lodging is the price, you can get a week's stay in one of these places for far less than the average hotel in the area.