Surf indonesia with 54,716 km of coastline and thousands of islands no wonder this is a mecca for thousands of surfers every year. From live aboard boat surf charters. To doing it rough in the malaria infested jungles or surfing at the cliffs of Uluwatu. Its the land that has it all, for all surfers, from novice surfers to the experienced surf traveller.



SUMATRA OMBAK INDAH SURF CAMP Ujung Bocur Krui South Sumatra
BALI PADANG PADANG SURF CAMP Padang Padang, Jl Labuan Sait, Pecatu, Bali
BALI STORM RIDER SURF CAMP The Raja Ombak Jl. Subak Pangi Desa Pererenan / Canggu
BALI THE BALI CAMP Jalan Petitenget, Kuta, Bali, Denpasar, Indonesia 80361
JAVA SURFING PANAITAN Peucang island West Java
JAVA G-LAND SURF CAMP Poppies Lane II, 2nd Floor, Kuta, Bali
SUMATRA MENTAWAI SURF CAMP Peipei, Sebirut, Indonesia
BALI G-LAND Joyo's Surf Camp, Bali Benesari St. No 77, Poppies Lane 2, Kuta 80361, BALI
SUMATRA ASU POINT SURF CAMP Hinako Island Group just off the Coast of Nias, Sumatra
SUMATRA BANYAK ISLAND LODGE Jalan Universitas No.2c- Padang Bulan- Medan- North Sumatra
SUMATRA ECO BAY SURF LODGE Nang Nang Island Mentawai Islands


If you are a surfer and haven't drooled over a photo of G-Land or Uluwatu, and thought i've got to go surf waves like these, your home breaks must be pretty special. Indonesia is blessed with every type of wave found on the rest of the planet. There's still so much more wave discovery to be found, and if that's your fancy be prepared for the trip of your life. I know there has been a lot of talk recently about concerns with your safety, and a lot of it is advice well heeded. However Indonesia is a country like all developing countries and caution must be taken in some areas, and a relaxed but an aware approach is essential. There will be plenty of Indonesian people inviting you to share their meals and homes as you travel through the Indonesian Archipelago, making you feel welcome. Enjoy their hospitality and always leave a gift, preferably some rupiah so they are not out of pocket for your stay. You will be amazed just how accomodating the majority of people are, and all that religious nonsense is a mob mentality thing. A low key approach is always the best approach.

Most of those photos you see in the magazines are taken in the Dry season. The tradewinds are off shore as the swells travel unheeded from any land mass from far away as The Antartic. Where they spin off the the biggest swell generator on the this planet The Roaring Forties. By the time they reach equatorial Indonesia they are smooth and glassy perfection.

You'd have to be living under a rock if you weren't aware of the surf on these islands. A surf trip to Indo usually starts at Bali for the first timers. If you want to mix surfing with night life this is the place to go. There is so much accomodation from luxury motels to backpackers hostels. It's a great place to take your girlfriend or to find one, but a word of caution many Indo boys like to be girls and many tourists have fallen for the "glamour" in the corner of the club only to find out later. Imagine what the mates have on you for the rest of your life.

The more adventurous surfer usually heads out to a jungle surfcamp or a boat charter. These can be great fun especially if a mate or two is going along. The Mentawai Islands, though very popular, is a must, if it's power and perfection is what you are after. It's possible to do a lot of this island group without the expense of a charter by flying into Padang and ferry boating it out to the island of your choice. It's a mission but a great experience. make sure you have your malaria pills though. For the surfer whose time is restricted an all catered boat charter is the go. The skippers will put you in the best places for waves and they feed you, so when you return home you don't look like you've been through Changi prisoner of war camp.

Grajagan or G-Land. Some say is the worlds greatest lefthander. I think whoever claims that hasn't travelled enough. The greatest or best wave in the world is an individual thing. Personally i have many favourite waves and some are in my own local area because i am comfortable there. Some are in places so remote that i've been surfing them for more than 6 years and am still the only foreign visitor to that area. Grajagan is located on the south-eastern tip of Java. It's best to stay at the camps that are there, because the walk from the nearest village is a long and hard one.

Lombok. has Desert Point, There are lots of other surfing spots around the island. Others spots include Ekas, Gerupuk, Seger and Mawun. Though the last 3 waves are better visited in december to march and are at their best around 6 foot.

Sumbawa. has been a favourite destination for a long time by many surfers and can get a bit crowded. Like Lombok it hasn't suffered the Bali style development, and is a good destination to grab a few classy waves in a more back to basics type of surf trip.Sumbawa has its best conditions for surf between June and August. Lakey Peak, Periscopes, Scar Reef, Yo-Yo’s, Super Suck and Nungas are some of the waves on this piece of paradise.

Sumba. "Gods left" a clasic left hander, another worlds best. There are many around. It's a long top to bottom lefthand barrel and sooo long. Sunset Left, if you can handle the paddle out, otherwise take the boat, but be fit and prepared its a big wave spot, almost a km from shore. Sumba has so many waves you could spend your whole trip here. It's like its own small country. Other known waves here are Bondo Kodi lefts and rights, the left cranks, Waingapu and Wanukaka which is a fun wave until the swell climbs then grab the gun and charge.

Nembrala off Roti. i first surfed this place back in the early 90s. Now there are a lot of surf camps here. So you can go by boat from Kupang and find lodgings with all the comforts you want. When it's big its one of the best lefthanders in the world,(another one).

West Java. Panaitan's One Palm Point if you got the skill it's a must. aThe waves are a bit milder on the other side of the island a right hand point break called Panaitan Rights or inside Panaitan. It's a horse shoe shaped island so there is plenty of protection from whatever the wind blows up. It's located about 10 kilometers northwest of the Ujung Kulon National Park, off the southwest tip of West Java. It's a national park with plenty of animals you don't want to meet at night. So it's a boat stay but worth the money.

Mentawai islands. From Siberut to South Pagai, what a paradise! There are waves here that will conquer all your fears and create new ones. A lot of boat charters here so you could be surfing a nice lonely spot and a crew might just turn up on you, but that's ok. a surf trip is a "come what may atitude" and is no place to bring with you any localism that may be present at home. The Mentawais are open to so much swell just sitting out there in front of Sumatra. No wonder it's a favourite spot. The locals are unreal too. Their culture and religion is fascinating. The blend of them and the modern day surfer fit together in a special way. We take many lessons from these people back to our homelands.

So many waves here it doesn't matter which island you end up on. Just take a few boards though, chances are you'll snap one or two.

Fly straight into Padang and catch a boat to Sipora and go surf HTs or Lances. see picture at the bottom of the page.

Hinakos. Fly to Nias from Medan on Merpati, spend a week if time permits at Lagundri, then catch a boat to Asu island. There's a camp there but you better book before you go if you want the comfort. There's good breaks here and on nearby Bawa. Asu has a great left hander and Bawu has a righthander which holds up to 15ft, likened to Sunset in Hawaii.

North Sumatra. Because of unrest in the area the Indonesian government has closed some areas for the surf boat charter industry. So at the moment only Nias, Afulu, the Hinakos, and the Telos are available for surfing. If you are adventurous you can try overland otherwise heed the warnings.

Indonesia offers so much in the way of surfing and culture from Timor and its surrounding islands through Sumba, Sumbawa Java and Sumatra you can't miss just go at least once..