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Surfing in New Caledonia between May And September is its most consistent time, with the swell generated off the southern ocean lows, feeding straight onto the the coral reefs off New Caledonia. The waves can get big, so pack a mid sized surfboard as well as your short surfboard. A spare surf board in case of a broken board is a good idea, however you can pick up a new board from the mainland if need be, but they're not as cheap as back in AUS. or the U.S. The water is a toasty 22degrees. All that is needed in winter is a springy. The rest of the year boardies and rashie. Plenty of sunscreen and enough wax for your stay. Booties are a good idea on most of New Caledonias surf breaks.

New Caledonian Surf breaks


Virtually all the surfing breaks in New caledonia are on the fringing reefs that lies roughly 5km off shore with the exception of a few waves around Roche Percee near Borail. Boat access is needed but is not too hard to come by if you are prepared to spend the dollars or euros. The best time of the day to hit the waves, are morning and late afternoon , as this is constantly the time for light and offshore winds. There is no protection offered on the reefs from the wind so the old saying "you snooze, you lose" is appropriate here.

The offshore surfing in New Caledonia is concentrated mainly offshore in the

Some of these surf breaks are:

DUMBEA: Left and Right. The left hander dredges off the reef at low tide making a fast hollow wave. The right is a pretty tame but can be fun.

TENIA ISLAND: 2 Left Handers and a right, likes a big swell but can be surfed when the waves are small.
OUANO: Left Hander. One of the best waves in New Caledonia when all sections are linking up. Favoured by many who get to enjoy her delights.

FAUSSE PASSE: Left Hander. Can be good and barrelling.

AMEDEE LIGHTHOUSE: Right Hander, shallow and sucky. Nearby Amedee island, is a great place to stop and have a look around.

SKATEPARKS: Left Hander. Powerful and growing as it races down the reef. Look for it at the back of Tenia, it breaks inside the reef so needs a decent swell.

ISLE OF PINES: Lefts and rights depending on the side of the island. Hollow and fast.

GOLFIE ISLAND: Left and right hander. Needs a big swell but throws up a mean hollow left and a decent right.

FROGGIES: Left Hander. Short ride there's better around.

ST. VINCENTS: Left hander. Barrelling and will stand up well in a big swell for a long ride.

Of course there are still many secret spots some named, some not, but on any given day many of the 100 odd reef passes that surround the Newcaledonian islands have the chance of firing on all cylinders to make for an epic session.

Boat Charters, Yacht Charters, and Surf Boat Charters in New Caledonia:

Here's afew sites to cut and paste into your browser to check out. - yacht charters with or without skipper. from AUD$300-$900 per day. - Yacht charter same prices roughly as above. Cheaper by the week. - 1,2 and 3 week fully catered surf charters. AUD$ 1,600 for 8 nights 9 days. AUD $2,600 for15 Nights\16 Days
AUD $ 3600 for 23 Nights\24 Days

Franky Waves seekers tel:77 55 02 or - local surfer has a boat.