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Big wave surfing needs big wave breathing practice. Expansion of lung capacity is essential.


There are lots of breathing exercise techniques

The better techniques either vamp-up or calm down the breath or a do a combination of the two. What is best practice will increases the your breathing volume and therefore your chance of survival as you get held under for what can seem like an eternity. The following breathing techniques will address the slowing the energizing and the expanding of your lung capacity.

First up be aware that the way we breathe can either lessen or make worse the emotional- fear response.

Anxiety can be caused by a poor breathing technique.Anxiety can do seroius harm and even kill as any form of extreme emotion can. So reduce the anxiety increase the oxygen and live long time.

Unless you have a serious unbalanced breathing problem then this exercise will help calm and energize you.

First up take a look at the cut away lungs, exposing the heart, below and notice how much smaller

It's a bit obvious that if your breathing is shallow then you are hardly maximising your air intake.


The middle of the chest and the lower rear lobes is where the most of the volume is. The most expansion comes from the back of the trunk from mid back to the waist here is where the lower lobes allow for the most expansion, however because of the restrictiveness due to tension in the lower back can restrict the expansion. This is a problem and we deal with it in this way.

Sit down and be erect but not stiff, if you'd rather stand bend your knees slightly so as to unlock them.

Relax your jaw and let your gut go.

Put your thumbs below your back just above your pelvis. This is the kidneys. Wrap your hands around your love handles with a firm grip. Then breathing through your nose breathe in slow and lengthy for a three count. Allow it to expand your fingers forcing them apart. Feel the tension.

Now breathe out and count to seven. Be careful not to tighten your belly while you extend the breathing out. Just slow-down the speed of exhalation.

Do it again 3 count in 7 count out.

Now if you are getting dizzy or spaced out then rest a bit.

Take the lead from the breathing lung. Try and match its pace.

Once this feels comfortable over the coming days or weeks extend the exhale count. Attempt to get to twenty. Remember do not tighten up the gut.

Eventually you should feel a calming influence when you do this, and your lung capacity should expand. You'll feel better and have more energy to burn allowing you to survive under the water being tossed around like a cork but remaining calmer and more focused.

A good length of time for this exercise is around the 10 minute mark.